Alana Hunt | kununurra


work in progress

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About the artist

Alana Hunt’s award-winning activities as an artist and writer are defined by her commitment to sensitively challenge ideas and histories in the public sphere and the social space between people. Alana lives on Miriwoong country in the north-west of Australia and has a long-standing relationship with South Asia, and more specifically Kashmir. These places have shaped her engagement with the violence that results from the fragility of nations and the aspirations and failures of colonial dreams. Most recently her work has featured in Startup States curated by Laura McLean at Sarai (February, Delhi), Uncertain Territory curated by Halinka Orszulok at Artbank (Feburary, Sydney) and the International Public Art Festival Quantum City (March, Karachi) curated by Zarmeene Shah, Amin Gulgee and Sara Paganwala.

About the community

Alana Hunt lives and works on Miriwoong country in the north-west of Australia. This place is often described as very remote, but to many people here it is the centre of the world. The township of Kununurra was forged in the early 1960s alongside the daming of the Ord River, as part of the Ord River Irrigation Scheme which saw the creation of Lake Argyle. This dam drowned a lot of Miriwoong country with ecological and cultural impact extending into Gija and Malngin countries. The name of Kununurra is itself an English bastardisation of the Miriwoong word ‘Goonoonoorrang’, meaning ‘river’.