chris williams & green brigade | field of the unwanted

Transforming a razed demolition site in central Fremantle, Field of the Unwanted was an unconventional garden, calling attention to the unwelcome and undesirable.

Presented by International Art Space and DADAA in collaboration with St Patrick’s Community Support Centre, Field of the Unwanted uses weeds or “plants that grow where they are not wanted” to question the hierarchies of value and displacement experienced by members of our own communities.

Field of the Unwanted elevated the status of weeds in the formation of an ordered garden that created a home for the unwanted. A weed rescue and resettlement service led by the project artists, collected weeds from Fremantle, surrounding suburbs and private residences, relocating them to a cultivated vacant lot on Queen Victoria Street, Fremantle. Acting as custodians of the various weed plots, the artists and the surrounding community worked to tend, grow and create an emerging installation, caring for the weeds till the end of their lifespan.

View Field of the Unwanted on ABC’s Gardening Australia here.



Jan - Apr 2018 | Tues, 9am – 12pm, Thurs, 4 – 6pm and Sat, 10am – 1pm

8 Queen Victoria Street, Fremantle


Thurs 22 Feb and Thurs 22 Mar, 5pm - 7.30pm

The Green Brigade invite you to an evening survey and unveiling of Field of the Unwanted. Rove through the garden plots with our custodians as they unpack the uses and non-uses of the Field's cultivated weed varieties. 

Arrive anytime during opening hours. Roving begins every 2 minutes. 


Sat 25 Nov and Sat 2 Dec 2018, 9am – 12pm

Join the Green Brigade in a community planting day. Learn how to tend, rescue and resettle various weed varieties.


Chris Williams is an artist and Creative Producer for DADAA and has been a member of the pvi collective since its’ inception. pvi collective works in New–Media arts to initiate socially and politically motivated performances, exhibitions and interventions.

Green Brigade (lead artists: Pauline Miles, Leah Gale) is a fluid group of artists who come to the project through DADAA and seek to engage with the urban setting of Fremantle. Using green installations, practices and graffiti, the artists consider and explore ways of shifting their sense of ownership and belonging in the community. Over the long term, Green Brigade will work toward growing its numbers and membership, encouraging more people to enter the spaces of their own neighbourhoods, and take ‘ownership’ through creative and socially inquisitive activity.

Working within a Community Arts and Cultural Development (CACD) framework, DADAA is a leading arts and health organisation that creates access to cultural activities for people with disability or a mental illness. 

St Patrick’s Community Support Centre, is a NGO which for the past 40 years has focussed on supporting Fremantle’s homeless community and those at risk of becoming homeless.

Field of the Unwanted was commissioned as part of the Know Thy Neighbour #2 program and presented in partnership with DADAA, with support from St Patrick's Community Support Centre.


 Images: Courtesy the Green Brigade, Cam Campbell, Marco Marcon, Gary Parris and Chris Williams.