matt aitken & mei swan lim | landsale

Land Sale looks to the altered landscapes, sweeping sub-divisions, freeway extensions and early-phase industrial sites of Perth’s northern suburbs.

Taking their collective experience and memories of these barren, sanitised and changed landscapes, commonplace in the development of Perth, artists Matt Aitken and Mei Swan Lim will investigate these familiar and yet largely invisible spaces. Through a series of community micro-forums, including stalls, workshops and conversation, Matt and Mei will observe, re-mystify and explore below the surface of these barren, brickie-sand mirages that characterise the freeway extensions from Kinross through to Ridgewood and Butler. 


23 Nov - 15 Dec 2018

Cool Change Contemporary, Bon Marche Arcade, Perth.


Keep an eye on our Facebook page for a special Landsale edition of Swamp Clubb - Matt and Mei's immersive, sensory walking tours. 


Matt Aitken is an interdisciplinary artist and educator from Western Australia, who draws from his background in Cultural Anthropology, DIY music and integrated learning. Borrowing established formats, Matt has partnered with the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA), the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Western Australian Museum, Scitech, University of Western Australia, National Science Week and the State Theatre of WA in various creative projects. In 2016, Matt collaborated with Noongar elder Dr Noel Nannup on a video work for Radical Ecologies at PICA. Working across social practice, video and river canoeing, Matt is currently investigating youth radio and experimental film with indigenous and CaLD young people in the community.

Self-taught in the craft of making electronic music, Mei Swan Lim (Mei Saraswati) works from a place of ecological inquisitiveness. Through collaging field recordings, voice, sampling and instrumentation Mei seeks to investigate the intersections of natural and built environments, while exploring sound and music-making as an opportunity for self-directed therapy. Her most recent musical offerings see her intertwine wetlands field recordings with spiritual writings. Mei began the collaborative project Swamp Clubb in 2016. One-part sensory-theatre and one-part existentially moving Bunnings sausage sizzle, Swamp Clubb redirects the eye and pursues a revolution of the heart as a means for participants to connect to the country they're standing on. Travelling with both playfulness and reverence, accessing all the senses - Swamp Clubb enlists the help of cultural and environmental experts to create informative immersive theatre. Mei holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Edith Cowan University and has recently had her work shown at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art and at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. 

Images: Courtesy Matt Aitken & Mei Swan Lim, 2016.