part 2: Deep in the Underground and Up above--thank you’s

Thank you to all who have participated with their time and energy, their enlightenment, guidance and love throughout. I wish to thank Vicky and Andy who has been my lifeline when all went wrong, listened and gave their feedback and Soula who was a constant ear to my constant recap. The Women: Gloria, Lola, Tessa, Robin and Amanda for some glorious weeks, their guidance, and giving me glimpses and momentous openings into their lives. Amanda- a special thanks for your guidance, up-front honesty, and truth in every circumstance. To Joe, thank you for being a really good photographer, and assisting me. You made some amazing images for the film, and for us finding timely and simple solutions for complicated filming situations. Anita, Alice and Scott for their transcriptions, which are fabulous to have now as I focus on writing the manuscript. Mitchella, a special thank you for your wisdom, and understanding of the whole. Rebecca and Alex for allowing to film freely in their home. Toni and Wayne for giving me insight into their life, and for allowing me some time with their company. And Jacquie—brilliant planning and scheduling who really contributed with a structure to the entire production, and giving me a home when I needed one. Celia for your heartening laugh, wit and humour always able to put me in a good mood. And thank you goes not least to Marco, who in your own way has always kept me on top of the difficulties with your insight, and needling precision was needed to grasp a difficult situation.

To all the other participants a big thank you and eternal gratitude for your time, energy and contribution; Anne, Barbara, Francis, David V., Elaine, Emma Clare, Vernon, Julian, Jane, David P., Pradeep, Richard, Todd, and Yati.

Thank you to all that gave access to the location for filming purposes, and to those who are not named but have also contributed even if it was that small chat, thank you it might have just given that needed insight.

Thank you to Art GEO and Diana and the City of Busselton for a working space and living accommodations. And all the funders; the Danish Arts Council; Heathway’s Act, Belong Commit program; The Western Australian Heritage Council; and The Danish Art Workshops as well as Fabrikken for Kunst og Design, that will provide space for the rest of the production, LIA, International Residency in Leipzig, who have contributed to making this production possible, without these resources this investigation and artistic endeavour would not have been possible.

To the external resources they are many. My family- my husband, Anders for his constant care/love, producer and fundraising ability and support, my kids, Louie and Ella thanks a million times over for allowing me time and space for this reflection and for being away for so long. To my mother, Cecile, my in-laws, my aunt Marion, thank you for reading my inscriptions and thoughts throughout. Maria, Temi, Joanna, Gillion, Carlos and Danny—for your critical and insightful inflections.