I am back in Lancelin since a few weeks already. I’m working on the project I started last year, it has developed a bit since. The name of it is now OtherComic (#othercomic), referring to how norms in society easily creates a dichotomy of us and the other. I am making comics based on peoples experiences, using photography, text and hand drawn elements.

I started of at DADAA showing the works that we did last year, some of it was not edited when I left a year ago. Also showed some of my comics from Finland. There is a lot, and together we selected the ones that felt the most relevant for Lancelin and the artists at DADAA. I am making an exhibition in Lancelin with these printed as big scale prints on outdoor vinyl, really excited to see how it will all turn out and what the reactions will be. Seems this is a subject that isn’t much discussed but once people start talking it really concerns most people.

My idea with connecting works made in Finland and here is that despite cultural differences many social norms are really global, and at times the difference would be bigger between a small town and a city than between countries on opposite sides of the world.

I’m also doing new workshops, at the primary school and at DADAA for now and hoping that showing the work in town will generate some more interest.