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spaced 3: north by southeast | exhibition catalogue

Drawing together our most ambitious program to date, spaced 3: north by southeast was a major new exhibition at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Spaced 3: north by southeast presented the resulting new works developed by 11 artists from Nordic countries and Australia during their ventures into new landscapes and unfamiliar terrain. Across 2016-18 six Australian artists completed residencies in the Nordic heartlands of Finland, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden, and five Nordic artists found their place in West Australia’s rural and remote communities. Using sculpture, video, photography and installation, this exhibition showcases the diverse and layered exchanges between artists and each community, as they explore the symbolic, ecological and socio-economic similarities between the two regions.

Participating artists: Robyn Backen (NSW), Michelle Eistrup (Denmark), Gustav Hellberg (Sweden), Deborah Kelly (NSW), Danius Kesminas (VIC), Tor Lindstrand (Sweden), Heidi Lunabba (Finland), Dan McCabe (WA), Linda Persson (Sweden), Keg de Souza (NSW), Sam Smith (NSW).

Nordic partners: Baltic Art Center (Gotland, Sweden), FABRIKKEN for Kunst & Design (Copenhagen, Denmark), Kirsten Kjaers Museum (Thylejren, Denmark), Mustarinda (Hyrynsalmi, Finland), Nes Artist Residency (Skagaströnd, Iceland), Rejmyre Art LAB (Rejmyre, Sweden). 

West Australian partners: ArtGeo Complex (Busselton), Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council (Ravensthorpe), Shire of Leonora (Leonora), Wangaree Community Centre/DADAA (Lancelin), Warlayirti Artists (Balgo).


know thy neighbour #1 | catalogue

Know Thy Neighbour #1 was a pilot series of Perth-based temporary context responsive art projects presented by International Art Space.

Throughout 2015-2017 West Australian artists, Janet Carter and Elizabeth Pedler, Simone Johnston and Tanya Lee (the ST Team), Loren Kronemyer and Mike Bianco, Dan McCabe and Perdita Phillips, were commissioned to create new projects that involved and engaged a variety of micro-communities in the suburbs surrounding metropolitan Perth. Taking the diverse social make-up of Perth as a starting point, artists employed interventionist strategies and collaborative measures to stimulate conversations around shared issues, reveal hidden communities, explore urban living systems and create new forms of social interaction. The Know Thy Neighbour #1 publication expands on the process, interactions and contexts to the development of each project and their varied outcomes. 


spaced 2: future recall | event catalogue

Crossing the boundaries of art, history and community, spaced 2: future recall invites you to rediscover regional Western Australia from the viewpoint of 14 acclaimed international and Australian contemporary artists. Profiling each of the spaced 2: future recall projects and featuring extensive essays by Joanna Sandell and Marco Marcon, this full-colour, 140-page long publication provides an essential insight into the spaced 2 program of context-responsive art.

Participating artists: Michael Bullock (VIC), Erin Coates & Anna Nazzari (WA), Archana Hande (India), Lily Hibberd (VIC), Jay Koh (Singapore/Germany), Pia Lanzinger (Germany), Maddie Leach (New Zealand), Tea Mäkipää (Finland), Daphne Major (The Netherlands), John Mateer (WA), Daniel Peltz (USA), Ruben Santiago (Spain).

Participating communities: Albany, Bangalore, Cervantes, Cocos Islands/Katanning, Derby, Esperance, Geraldton, Karratha, Laverton, Mandurah, Tom Price, Western desert communities.


art-led participative processes | jay koh

Art-Led Participative Processes (ALPP) encapsulates artist Jay Koh’s public participative methodology, which emphasises agency, critical engagement, the ownership of actions and knowledge, the answerability of self to others, and a contribution to social change. It is the outcome and distillation of twenty-four years of a rigorous and reflexive practice and of rich experiences in social engagement with others, subjected to a cross disciplinary doctoral research at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki. This book, condensed from Koh’s thesis, offers ALPP as a viable, responsive and dynamic methodology for an intersubjective partcipatory art practice that motivates and validates the independence of participants.


the quiet slave: a history in eight episodes | John mateer

The Quiet Slave: a history in eight episodes is an historically accurate fiction recounting the first years of settlement on the Cocos-Keeling Islands. Describing the conflict between the two British settlers, Alexander Hare and John Clunies-Ross, it observed their deteriorating relationship from the point-of-view of one of the female Malay slaves. It contains the original English text, and its Malay translation. Beyond recording previously obscure events, it explains the implications of the devolution of slavery in the British dominions for an understanding of the origins the today’s Cocos-Malay community, both on the islands and on the Australian mainland. The book was produced as part of John Mateer’s spaced 2: future recall project and collection of works presented at the Western Australian Museum in 2015.


spaced: art out of place | Event catalogue

Spaced: art out of place is the culmination of a two-year collaboration across time and place and presents new works by 21 Australian and overseas artists and collectives. Exploring the relationship between globalisation and local identity, the spaced: art out of place catalogue includes full colour documentation of each regional project and their exhibition at the historic Fremantle Arts Centre, along with a curatorial introduction from Artistic Director Marco Marcon, interviews with the participating artists, and reflective texts that consider topics raised by the overall program.

Participating artists: Art Oriente objet, Julia Davis, Sohan Ariel Hayes & Michael Woodley, Nigel Helyer, Sonia Leber & David Chesworth, M12 Collective, Makeshift, Kate McMillan, Bennett Miller, Ritchie Ned Hansel, Wouter Osterholt & Elke Uitentuis, Michelle Slarke, Philip Samartzis, Jakub Szczesny & Kaja Pawelek, Roderick Sprigg, Takahiko Suzuki and Mimi Tong.

Participating communities: the Abrolhos Islands, Albany, Dampier Peninsula, Denmark, Esperance, Fremantle, Jakarta, Kellerberrin, Lake Grace, Leonora, Mandurah, Moora, Mukinbudin, Narrogin, Northam/Baker’s Hill, Roebourne.


point of slaughter | Michelle slarke

Point of Slaughter follows the export journey of sheep from rural Western Australia to Bahrain. Created by Michelle Slarke, the book evolved from the Lake Grace residency of Dutch artists, Wouter Osterholt and Elke Uitentuis, and their project to explore the issues around live sheep export. In November 2010, Michelle, Wouter and Elke travelled to Bahrain for Eid al Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) and conducted research and interviews with Bahrainis and Australians about the sheep trade between the two countries.

In the year since, live export has become a most contentious issue in Australia. Michelle Slarke looks at the back story of the live export debate and the complexities of the trade and cultural relationships of the people at each point of the journey, including her own community. Point of Slaughter is told through fiction, personal close up views and the words of farmers, animal welfare activists, sheep industry people and community members from Bahrain and Australia, who rarely, if ever meet. The book examines the lived experience, and how to stand to the side and, as much as possible, to see other points of view.


crayvox | Nigel helyer

CrayVox is published in conjunction with spaced: art out of place and to accompany the sound installation of the same name. CrayVox is the outcome of Sydney-based artist Nigel Helyer's two-month residency in the Abrolhos Islands, a remote configuration of land internationally known as the home of the rock lobster and promoted as the world's first sustainable fishery site.

Presented at the Fremantle Arts Centre as a part of the spaced: art out of place exhibition, the CrayoVox installation saw the suspended form of a cray boat become a vessel to present an audio-portrait of fishing communities in both the Abrolhos Islands and locations in southeast Asia. The accompany book presents a range of recipes that the artist collected whilst following the export trail of rock lobsters, from seafood importers to restaurants. CrayVox is presented as both functional and resonant object, projecting the energy and complexity of the Abrolhos, its people and working activities.


junctions | gerson bettencourt ferreira

This catalogue was published as part of Gerson Bettencourt Ferreira’s residency with IASKA in 2005. It documents the exhibition Junctions shown at IASKA from 10 September – 9 October 2005 and at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) from 20 October – 13 November 2005.


from space to place | exhibition catalogue

From Space to Place documents the work of sixteen of Australia’s most exciting, early-career contemporary artists who created new work in the Western Australian rural communities of Kellerberrin and Ballidu as part of IASKA’s international residency program.

From Space to Place toured nationally between 2005-07 and featured photography, installation, video, sculpture and performance created from the artists’ direct engagement with the spaces and places they inhabited in rural WA. The exhibition concentrates on the ambiguities, paradoxes and contradictions that emerge in the zone of continual exchange between space and place, determined and undetermined, actual and virtual, form and formlessness. The explorations of rural experience in this exhibition focuses on the linguistic, aesthetic and emotional relationships between people and places/spaces through the artists’ process of becoming displaced and re-situating themselves. This process also implicitly addresses the effects produced by globalisation and new communication technologies on the way in which we feel, understand and experience the space/place nexus.

Artists: Izabela Pluta (NSW), Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro (NSW), Anna Nazzari (WA), Hayden Fowler (NSW), James Lynch (VIC), nat & ali (VIC), Wilkins Hill (QLD), Matt Hunt (WA), Tom Nicholson (VIC), Bruce Slatter (WA), Raquel Ormella (NSW). Curated by Marco Marcon


out of site | exhibition catalogue

Out of Site was a national touring exhibition that featured key works by the artists who contributed to IASKA’s program from 19998-2003. Since 1998, well known contemporary artists from Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Singapore, Norway, Canada, South Korea, the Netherlands and Australia converged on WA’s wheatbelt town of Kellerberin to create a variety of original site-specific projects based on an interaction with the local community and landscape.

The exhibition celebrates IASKA’s effort to strengthen and enrich local identity by creating new opportunities for a cultural dialogue between local and global perspectives. On the occasion of this exhibition the town of Kellerberrin was transformed into a unique display space, as works by the artists were displayed in public buildings, shops, offices, the local police station and other unusual venues.

Artists: Matthew Ngui, Salvatore Falci, Berndt Höppner, Virginia Ward, Kate Daw, Heinrich Lüber, Robert Frith, Markus Muninghoff, Alex Spremberg, Umberto Cavenago, Miriam Stannage, Louise Paramor, Trevor Richards, Shigeaki Iwai, Gillian Dyson, Roland Boden, Lotte Konow Lund, Bibo, Simon Levin Laurie Long, Moon Joo. Curated by Marco Marcon