PART 2: WEEKS 1 - 3


I have been in Sweden for a couple weeks now and it has been a mix of full-on and deep
calm. I have been settling back into the remote Swedish farm living at the residency in Kalbo and have a studio space at the Rejmyre glass factory which is about a 10 -15-minute drive.

After settling into the 200-year-old hand crafted wooden residency house we have to reestablish the ritual daily swims with Daniel, Sissi, Novi and Ian in one of the local lakes, and
long twilight deer spotting forest walks. Ian Hobbs is with me this time and is also working
on the ArtLAB website.

Over the next 4 weeks, I will be working on of a series of works evolved from last year’s
residency – Performing Labour at the Rejmyre Glass Factory. The 4 interrelated works are
responses to the Swedish industrial and farming landscapes.