SPACED 4 | rural utopias


International Art Space is now seeking applications from visual and new-media artists and host communities interested in participating in the fourth iteration of spaced, our recurring program of context-responsive art.

Applications are open nationally and internationally for artists.

Applications are open to regional and remote community organisations and groups from Western Australia.

Application deadline: Monday, 15 April 2019

Successful artists will be invited to live and work in Western Australian rural and remote communities with the view to developing original art projects in response to local histories and situations. Projects will address the spaced 4 overarching curatorial theme which will focus on the idea of “rural utopias”.

Curatorial focus | Rural Utopias

Rural and remote locations have often attracted visionaries, seekers and dreamers in pursuit of grand utopian goals, be they alterative communities, fantastically ambitious economic projects, spiritual renewal and other far-sighted or quixotic ventures. Sometimes, such schemes are conceived to escape from the dystopian living conditions of modern cities, which are seen as alienating, detached from nature and deprived of community bonds.  Other times, rural utopias have a futuristic bent that stresses the untapped economic and social potential and aim to create a new type of non-urban-centric modernity. 

Images: Tor Lindstrand, Balgo 2016. Courtesy of the artist and IAS. Gustav Hellberg,  Hammersley dunes, Fitzgerald National Park 2017. Courtesy of the artist and IAS.